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INVENMARK IP Group Vietnam participated in INTA 2023 in Singapore

16:03 12/07/23 trong News & Events
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Mục lục
From 16-21 May 2023, INVENMARK IP Group Vietnam had a highly productive experience at INTA 2023 in Singapore, where we had the privilege of meeting important clients from across the world with more than 7.000 IP lawyers, experts and practitioners.

As a leading intellectual property firm in Vietnam, we specialize in assisting foreign clients in protecting their intellectual property rights in Vietnam. From patents to trademarks, industrial designs, copyright, infringement settlement, and enforcement of acquired rights, we provide comprehensive services tailored to our clients' needs.

Our team of highly experienced professionals and patent and trademark attorneys, with their 15 to 20 years of expertise, showcased our capabilities in addressing a wide range of IP-related demands in Vietnam, as well as in neighboring countries like Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. The conference allowed us to establish meaningful connections and explore potential collaborations, as we shared our knowledge, insights, and success stories with our esteemed clients. We left INTA 2023 with a renewed commitment to delivering exceptional IP services and supporting our clients in their intellectual property endeavors in the region.
NHCN Bún Long Kiên - BRVT
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Chỉ dẫn địa lý Tỏi Lý Sơn
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Chỉ dẫn địa lý Mãng cầu ta BRVT
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NHCN Bưởi da xanh Sông Xoài
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Chỉ Dẫn Địa Lý Hồ Tiêu BRVT
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Chỉ dẫn địa lý Muối Bà Rịa
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NHCN Chả cá Phước Hải BRVT
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NHCN Đảng Sâm Tây Giang
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NHTT Mỳ quảng Phú Chiêm
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