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About Invenmark

Lời giới thiệu

Dear Valued Clients,

INVENMARK Group is a full Vietnam-based Industrial Property Service Law Group, operating under the law of Viet Nam, registered at the Intellectual Property of Viet Nam (IPVN) for representative Industrial Property and Copyright.

The INVENMARK Group, consisting of T&T INVENMARK CO., LTD, and INVENMARK LAW CO., LTD is teamed up of Lawyers, Intellectual Property Attorneys and Professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Intellectual Property, who have diverse backgrounds and intensive experience in various industries of related fields.

While T&T INVENMARK CO., LTD focuses on any domesic IP matters, with inside Vietnam market, IP filing & project development. In the mean time, INVENMARK LAW CO., LTD focuses on oversea IP matters with foreign clients, including filing of registration, protection and enforcement of IPRs, especially patent and trademark.

Our services encompass a wide spectrum of high-quality solutions for the protection and management of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), with a special focus on patents and trademarks. From registration to protection and enforcement, we are committed to delivering excellence in safeguarding your valuable IPRs.

Over the years, the INVENMARK Group has emerged as a trusted partner for numerous law firms and companies across the globe. We have consistently met a wide array of demands, fostering the protection and advancement of Industrial Property in Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia as well as ASEAN countries.

Our unwavering determination and dedication have earned us a strong reputation and the trust of an ever-expanding roster of both domestic and foreign Clients. This accomplishment is a testament to our genuine commitment to stand by our clients and extend our unwavering support in every conceivable manner.

More information about our firm, please visit our INVENMARK Group at

Thank you for your continued trust in our INVENMARK Group.
Best regards,

Dr. Le Xuan Thao Ph.D. Lawyer
General Director
Patent - Trademark Attorney
Standing Member of Vietnam Lawyers Association
Member of National Bar Council – Vietnam Bar Federation

0912 906 807
0912 906 807