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Protection for geographical indication " Bà Đen " for custard - apple


On 10 August 2011, Director General of the National Office of Intellectual Property of Viet Nam signed the Decision No.1804/QĐ-SHTT to grant the Certificate of Registration of Geographical Indication No. 00027 for the product “Ba Den” custard-apple.

The Tay Ninh Department of Science and Technology is the organization which manages the Geographical Indication “Ba Den” for the product custard-apple.

Custard-apple (also called “Na”) has a scientific name as Annona squamosa, a tropical fruit tree of “Na” line, originated in the Caribbean, the America. Custard-apple is a delicious, non-toxic one and does not contain allergy. Custard-apple has much sugar, calcium, phosphorus, a variety of vitamins. In terms of both taste and nutritional value, custard-apple is deservedly ranked among valuable tropical fruits. There are many types of custard-apple such as tough custard-apple, friable custard-apple, Thanh Long custard-apple, Giay custard-apple, purple-skinned custard-apple, toad skin custard-apple…however, the most common custard-apple is tough custard-apple. Currently, in the Ba Den Mountain, Tay Ninh provice, almost 100% garden homes only grow tough custard-apple. 

Visual impression: Ba Den custard-apple has rounded-heart shape with green skin and it turns yellowish light green when custard-apple ripes, fruit’s average diameter of 7.8 cm, fruit’s average weight of 179.6 gram, a hundred of sections, each section can be a single fruit containing seeds or without seeds, binding sections and no fruit juice so less flabby fruit, tough, dry ivory-white flesh. Ba Den custard-apple has sweet taste.

Quality: Ba Den custard-apple contains high rate of protein content , total sugar content, energy (calories) with neutral pH, in addition, the left flesh of custard-apple also contains many trace elements such as potassium, zinc , magnesium, manganese, iron, calcium and many types of vitamin such as B1, C etc,

With characteristics of big fruit, tough flesh, sweet-smelling taste, Ba Den custard-apples are not only sold in all major markets of the country, but also being exported to many countries in the world …

Ba Den custard-apple 

At main harvest, from August to September, Ba Den custard-apple yield reaches about 3,000 tons to 3,500 tons a month. On Lunar New Year, Ba Den custard apple yield reaches 3,000 tons a month, this is a big difference among Ba Den custard-apple and others in other regions because there is no region has custard apple at this time.

Ba Den custard-apple’s quality and reputation is attributable to Ba Den Mountain area’s natural geographical conditions which are consistent with the ecological environment of custard apple trees. Around the Ba Den Mountain, climate is always wild. Annual average temperature is 27.2 degrees Celsius, daytime is sunny but not too stiff. Long night with low temperature stimulates and promotes flowering. In Ba Den Mountain area, with high humidity and fog in the early morning, it is the good conditions for flower sprout shoot of custard apple in dry season. The temperature amplitude (temperature difference) of day and night in Ba Den Mountain ranges from 8 - 10 degrees Celsius and the temperature difference between seasons of year is between 1.5 - 3 degrees Celsius created stable climate, making custard-apple bloom and fruit all year round. Typical gray soil on the ancient alluvial terrain with gentle terrain around Ba Den Mountain is entirely consistent with custard apple trees which have shallow cultivation layer and can not suffer from flood.

Apart from characteristics of natural conditions, the farming techniques of the growers in Ba Den Mountain area has their own characteristics, they not only care for custard apple trees to fruit with good quality but also form the farming habit of creating more harvests in a year to raise product value.

Geographical locations: Thanh Tan, Tan Binh, Ninh Son, Ninh Thanh, Suoi Da, Phan Commune, Tay Ninh Town; Tan Hung Commune of Tan Chau District, Bau Nang of Duong Minh Chau District, Tay Ninh Province. 


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