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Intellectual property assessment

Intellectual property assessment means the use by organizations or individuals with their professional knowledge and expertise to assess and make conclusion on matters related to intellectual property rights.

Businesses, cooperatives, non-business units or law-practicing organizations, except foreign law-practicing organizations practicing in Vietnam which satisfy the following conditions may conduct intellectual property assessment:

1. Having personnel and physical-technical foundations meeting law-prescribed requirements on assessment operations;
2. Having the function of conducting intellectual property assessment as stated in their business registration certificates or operation registration certificates;
3. Their heads or persons authorized by their heads possess intellectual property assessor cards.

Individuals who fully satisfy the following conditions may be granted intellectual property assessor cards by competent state agencies:
a. Being a Vietnamese citizen and having full civil act capacity;
b. Permanently residing in Vietnam;
c. Possessing good ethical qualities;
d. Possessing a university or higher degree in a profession relevant to domains in which an assessor card is applied for, having conducted professional activities in these domains for five or more years and passed a professional assessment examination.
State agencies competent to handle acts of infringing upon intellectual property rights may request intellectual property assessment when handling cases or matters they have accepted.
Intellectual property right holders and other related organizations and individuals may request intellectual property assessment to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

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